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I'm currently in the process of making my first comic It's Not the End of the World.

Anyway! This blog is LGBTQA+ safe! If you see something on here that's not, tell me! I'll take it down! Have a good day!


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Guess who got Cancer right after I said I was back?

Haha, my Grandpa!

Guess who DIED two DAYS after my birthday?


now, who feels nothing about this fact and feels bad for not grieving?


Is- is my ballot asking me if I want Schrooms legalised...?

lol when tf did this get proposed

*kicks door in*


quick, what are the memes?!? What have I missed?? How is everyone doing???

I am very tired, my tablet broke

Y'know, I never finished the first season of bnha. I stopped watching after Midoriya and Uraraka won the hero exercise.

Even though I never watched anything past that victory, I still know what's going on. Why?

I read bnha fanfiction.

So when I'm reading about things I've never seen, there's a lot of "imagination" going on as I read. This results in visuals that don't happen in the show.

For example, the race during the sports festival. Specifically, the robots.

In the show it's just a bunch of 1- 3 pointers.

My dumb ass thought it was a literal wall of zero pointers.

I'm sure you can see how that changed my experince of the fics I've read.

Aaaannnd we're off!! Welcome to the beginning of 'It's not the end of the world'!

Updates every other Thursday 4:00 pm PST


Just poppn in to say im gonna be really inactive for the next month or so

Im just not feeln it, and im takin a break from the all media i have

Have a good day!

Ill probs feel better soon so!


tiddywife-deactivated-2020AprThu-200409070409-499 -

:3c some new wf discourse for y'all: how do u eat your pancakes?

:3c i personally prefer to eat mine plain or with just brown sugar on top, or syrup if i'm eating in a restaurant!

supermario -

I need syrup on mine. I'm also picky when it comes to syrup, but there's this knock-off brand of syrup that I like that's easy to get so that doesn't really come up. I also like having the pad of butter on it, but it's not essential like the syrup.

Also connected to the syrup: I don't want my pancakes stacked up straight and prefer them separated as much as possible so they get the syrup evenly when I pour it.

Personally, though, I ain't too crazy about pancakes and don't eat them often.

opportunity -

pancakes need to have syrup (i also like to butter them before adding syrup and agree wholeheartedly on the stacking)

but waffles? waffles i'll eat dry

wittywallflower -

Pancakes i like with some butter and a small amount of syrup. Just enough so each bite has some for flavor. I dont like it when pancakes are swimming in a pool of syrup. I would rather eat them dry than drowning in syrup.

Waffles are good with butter and syrup, totally valid dry, but best with butter and raspberry jam.

Also i am picky with pancakes. I dont like heavy or thick pancakes. I like fluffy-light, thin ones. But not crepes lol

fungus -

i like em with rasberry currant sauce or maple syrup. plain pancakes sound horrifying.

i like my waffles with syrup and blueberries, and then i pretend i am a space giant eating a spaceship

star-rice -

I'm a heathen. I only ever eat waffles and pancakes with exclusively butter.

literallyilliterate -


I eat them with mayonnaise

Gotta get that savory savory hell food

apparently most peoples iron levels are in the hundreds.(mL)

and then here i am chilln with a whole 11(mL)

also 8.4 mL of Vitamin D


literallyilliterate -

Excuse me, @thellere

What the feck is This


literallyilliterate -

here it is again

what the fuck is happening

Excuse me, @thellere

What the feck is This


robot -

day 9- memory

it's a repaint but i don't want to post the og when images are so huge so no you don't get to see what the og was

literallyilliterate -



coffee -

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"Most people don't get superpowers, you know."

"...That's a pretty big understatement..."

How Has Your Week Been?

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Thank you for asking about the comiccc! I'll answer as best as I can!

"idk man seems like it IS the end of the world."


"is that comic connected to a drawing of state-like human covered with vines or?..."

I assume you mean this drawing, but no they're not connected. I understand how you'd think that though! The original drawing of the statue was made around the time I was brain stroming the comic. Inspiration!

literallyilliterate -

a blood sausage is just a giant fried scab

literallyilliterate -