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The Minecraft Account


How'd ya'll feel about a communal waterfall minecraft account?

Cuz like, ive been thinking about buying an account, since the old one I used isn't valid anymore, and i feel like it would be nice if other people could use it too. I thought it would be fun to poll a name for the account or something.

Also, what would even happen? Do you think it would get shut down if they caught wind of it???


gloatbee commented:

Sounds awesone! But also sounds like something that could bring you some troubles :0

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namaracreates commented:

I'm interested!

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@gloatbee It's alright!A minecraft server makes it so that people in completely diferent places...

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I'l be honest with you, @literallyilliterate, I have no idea of what's the difference, so I may have...

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@gloatbee it seems it not an account. From what i can tell there was a waterfall mc server, but...

gloatbee commented:

I think there was one already??? But I'm not so sure to tell you te true. I saw it once going thru the Minecraft tag once while deliberating if I should buy the game

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