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a blood sausage is just a giant fried scab

Reality vs. The Witch of Berlin

sckreeeee -

Existence tore at the seams before their very eyes.

Reality ripped, spilling thread after thread. Each it's own singularity, bursting and weaving in and out of the established pattern. The existential cloth. The plain of Esse, the very thing that held All together, was frayed.

It was frayed.

"What the fuck," The Holder hissed.

The Holder, otherwise known as Their Greatness The Holder of Worlds, Monger of Realities, was the sole entity entrusted with the Entirety. This privilege was given to them by the First. Who the First was exactly no one really knew. All the same, The Holder'd been given a responsibility and despite their many faults, they had kept that responsibility well taken care of for millennia.

And to see it in this state?


The Holder gently took the Fabric and bristled in suppressed anger. The damage was minimal, almost irrelevant in how easily fixable it was, but the fact that it'd been marred before them was unforgivable. The Holder's being sharpened into an approximation of glare as they softly reattached strands and smoothed the edges of Esse.

They would find what did this and it would become an example.

(A young witch in Germany sneezed into her school book, making quite a mess of things. Grimacing, she rubbed her nose and carefully closed the book. She mentally promised to deal with it later.

She doesn't.)

girl: *hits boy she likes for no reason*

boy: *is mad*


I'm at a medical center and this little kid keeps calling their mom babe

The mom is exasperated to say the least.

Okay, okay, i just- baby gender reveals right? So-

Its time to cut the cake, and everybody's excited.

The cake is cut.

The inside is black.

Death is summoned.

"Congratulations," he says, "it's a goth."

When i was ten i discovered my floater ribs. I had no idea what they were, but after debating and worrying about them, my ten year old brain decided that I must have absorbed my twin and these were their left over ribs.

For the next two years, i was absolutely sure that my 'twins' ribs were going to stab my organs in vengeful rath.