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I'm currently in the process of making my first comic It's Not the End of the World.

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tiddywife-deactivated-2020AprThu-200409070409-499 -

:3c some new wf discourse for y'all: how do u eat your pancakes?

:3c i personally prefer to eat mine plain or with just brown sugar on top, or syrup if i'm eating in a restaurant!

supermario -

I need syrup on mine. I'm also picky when it comes to syrup, but there's this knock-off brand of syrup that I like that's easy to get so that doesn't really come up. I also like having the pad of butter on it, but it's not essential like the syrup.

Also connected to the syrup: I don't want my pancakes stacked up straight and prefer them separated as much as possible so they get the syrup evenly when I pour it.

Personally, though, I ain't too crazy about pancakes and don't eat them often.

opportunity -

pancakes need to have syrup (i also like to butter them before adding syrup and agree wholeheartedly on the stacking)

but waffles? waffles i'll eat dry

wittywallflower -

Pancakes i like with some butter and a small amount of syrup. Just enough so each bite has some for flavor. I dont like it when pancakes are swimming in a pool of syrup. I would rather eat them dry than drowning in syrup.

Waffles are good with butter and syrup, totally valid dry, but best with butter and raspberry jam.

Also i am picky with pancakes. I dont like heavy or thick pancakes. I like fluffy-light, thin ones. But not crepes lol

fungus -

i like em with rasberry currant sauce or maple syrup. plain pancakes sound horrifying.

i like my waffles with syrup and blueberries, and then i pretend i am a space giant eating a spaceship

star-rice -

I'm a heathen. I only ever eat waffles and pancakes with exclusively butter.

literallyilliterate -


I eat them with mayonnaise

Gotta get that savory savory hell food