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I'm currently in the process of making my first comic It's Not the End of the World.

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Ito again! Twelve this time! (This is old att btw)

Just came up with this dude! His name is Cole! He spray paints 'n stuff. Also he has tentacles, but only when he needs them for something. His tag, when he spray paints, is Tentacole! :D

Heeeeeyyyyyyy, just messin around w/other styles.

This Aven Deli

Hey look, its Ito again! I forgot to mention that he's trans last time.

Tgis is what he looked like when he was five and extreemly unhappy.

This is Mo', my self insert doctor who oc

This is Ito! He looks much much older in this than he usually does. I just wanted to draw him as an adult I think. Cause he doesn't actually live past twelve.

Which makes sense, since hes blind. And mute.

But, i mean, none of my Naruto ocs make it past sixteen so