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I'm currently in the process of making my first comic It's Not the End of the World.

Anyway! This blog is LGBTQA+ safe! If you see something on here that's not, tell me! I'll take it down! Have a good day!


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The Minecraft Account

literallyilliterate -

Okay, this is how it's gonna work. The email and password for the account is under the cut, BUT!!! I'll be changing the password every month. So! in order to keep up to date, you'll need to fill out This Spreadsheet. I'm asking for your emails, but I won't be contacting you for any other reason than the password change. This is also a way for me to keep track of how many people are using the account.

When you log into for the first time with this account, it's going to ask you some security questions. Please! Contact me(! I will only give the answers to you when asked.

This portion was deleted. If you are still interested in using the account please, contact me. Waterfall or email

syrup -

uhhhhh not to sound invasive but


i’m just really curious what y’all look like

syrup -

okay but, I was thinking of something fun we could do. Ready?

Reblog this with traits or concepts or aesthetics that you feel in your soul and you feel like they portray you. AND. I. WILL. DRAW. YOU.

it could be stuff like “soft, glitter, rainy days, horns, femme, smol, bunny ears, messy long hair, blue and pink” and I’ll try to capture that or whatever it makes me feel :^) it will have hooman basic structure (maybe) but it will be a little caricaturesque creature :3

okay worst case nobody reblogs and best case i get to do like 35 drawings cause that’s how many active users I perceive around here ehehe

literallyilliterate -

This is super cool! I hope op has fun drawing all of them!

yugioh779 -

Medusa lost her beauty—or rather, it was taken from her. Beauty is always something you can lose. Women’s beauty is seen as something separate from us, something we owe but never own: We are its stewards, not its beneficiaries. We tend it like a garden where we do not live. Oh, but ugliness—ugliness is always yours. Almost everyone has some innate kernel of grotesquerie; even fashion models (I’ve heard) tend to look a bit strange and froggish in person, having been gifted with naturally level faces that pool light luminously instead of breaking it into shards. And everyone has the ability to mine their ugliness, to emphasize and magnify it, to distort even those parts of themselves that fall within acceptable bounds. Where beauty is narrow and constrained, ugliness is an entire galaxy, a myriad of sparkling paths that lurch crazily away from the ideal. There are so few ways to look perfect, but there are thousands of ways to look monstrous, surprising, upsetting, outlandish, or odd. Thousands of stories to tell in dozens of languages: the languages of strong features or weak chins, the languages of garish makeup and weird haircuts and startling clothes, fat and bony and hairy languages, the languages of any kind of beauty that’s not white. Nose languages, eyebrow languages, piercing and tattoo languages, languages of blemish and birthmark and scar. When you give up trying to declare yourself acceptable, there are so many new things to say.

Jess Zimmerman, "What If We Cultivated Our Ugliness?"

aurenfaie -

A lot of people seem to be looking for new people to follow. So, repour/reblog with three blogs you enjoy following so we can start of chain of awesome people!

I'm going to go with my three oldest mutuals: @peachy-queer @bigenderfenris @archfey

(To @ people, simply type "@" followed by the blog URL [mine is "aurenfaie," for example] and the link will be formed when you reblog.)

archfey-deactivated-2020MarTue-200317040331-276 -

here's three awesome people that I've interacted with and have cool content!

@chlorophyll @corky @teldryn

ariquar -


Let's see, three people i love seeing posts from....

@lockheart @perish and @lynaiss !

lockheart -

Omg @mundy this is so NICE, I love seeing your stuff on my dash!! ♥

here's a few definitely worth following!!: @bogtropolis @furious-oatmeal @jesrosewater
also... I know it says 3 but I'm full of love & gotta shout out my DM @tiruandfriends too!!!

tiruandfriends -

Hey yall, I really enjoy seeing stuff from these very talented people: @aid , @literallyilliterate , @chanceydoesstuff

literallyilliterate -

UhM, HI. Most of you pribably came from @tiruandfriends

BuT! If you want more goods to fallow, @babushka is good to follow if you like mood boards and cats.

@yugioh779 does a lot of tumblr shit posts if you like that.
And @bystander has some mp100 art that i really like.

Ok am done noe

literallyilliterate asked:

Have a good day tomorrow!

but... uhm! It's uh...

gute Nacht

Nacht is feminine and therefore you add an 'e' to the end of gut instead of 'en'

You add 'en' to the end of gut for Morgen, Tag, and Abend because they are masculine.

okay, done now, sorry, pls don't be mad

yugioh779 -

lol thanks for that. My mom has yet to teach me all this XD I'm still at a very basic, beginner level and I haven't had the time to look this up lol

Languages are a bitch but I really want to learn German just because my last name is Schumacher so lol I appreciate the info!

And I shall have a good day. I always do when my friend comes over :3 Hope you have a good day tomorrow too!


literallyilliterate -

I uh, studied German for about a year and a half. So I'm pretty solid on the basics, id say. I can hold a conversation well I think. So about intermediate.

If you ever need something clarified, just ask? Or just some tips...

Uhm, personally I find German easier than other languages. I hope it holds the same for you..

Also, Schumacher? Like... Schuh macher...? As in.. shoe maker?

Well, my last name litteraly means 'The name' so :p

It used to just mean 'name'.