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Hulloo! Call me Walter :) |They/Them| Owner of The Minecraft Account | I take doodle requests! I'm fine with most things! I will not tolerate bigotry, pedophilia, or hate speech. I will block you.

I'm currently in the process of making my first comic It's Not the End of the World.

Anyway! This blog is LGBTQA+ safe! If you see something on here that's not, tell me! I'll take it down! Have a good day!


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a blood sausage is just a giant fried scab


You: *draws picture of self and post it online*

Rando: hey! Thats my oc! You stole it! *adds link to oc bio/drawing*

You: *clicks on it*

The oc is literally you and its bio is just your life symplified

What would you do?

Does anyone else do the Sun-Sneeze™ Light-Sneeze™ Anything-thats-bright-Sneeze™?

Cause having a nose with a sun allergy is the best when you have the beginings of a sneeze that isnt turning into a full one. Like, you can just shove your face in a lamp or something and sneeze your brains out.

Its great

omg guys, guys.